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Oct 11, 2019

How do you keep a positive mental state and what are some obstacles that prevent you from doing so?

Why is "being positive" crucial for your relationships, business, finances and health?

I explore these and other important questions with my inspiring guest, Chelsey Davis, on today's episode.

Chelsey is part of our local ABC 15 station as an anchor and Leadership Champion. She was a professional cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals for 5 years and she was also one of 26 women across the entire National Football League to be selected as the 2014 Pro Bowl Cheerleader, representing Arizona in Hawaii.

Chelsey is an incredibly positive and vibrant person in my life and so I couldn't find it more appropriate to interview her on this valuable topic.

If you've been struggling with being positive lately, give this a listen and share it with anyone in your life who needs to hear this message right now.